Residential: New

The Brown Associates/Architects have completed over two hundred projects on Whidbey Island. New residential work include custom homes on tight urban type lots and acreage, high and low bank waterfront, some in FEMA designated flood plain. In addition to custom homes, The Brown Associates have prepared drawings for "spec" homes for builders and developers as well as guest houses, garages, and accessory buildings.

The Brown Associates/Architects assist owners with coordination of septic, private water systems,  community covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&R's), and shoreline and zoning issues.

 The Brown Associates/Architects can provide simple feasibility studies for potential site purchases, home owner association review drawings, or prepare permit drawings for your submittal. We can supply you with a list of qualified local builders, sub-contractors (for Owner/Contractors) or provide review of payment requests during construction, change order evaluation and assist with lender documentation.

The Brown Associates/Architects take pride in NOT being the stereotypical prima dona.  We will always remember that we work for you and that this is your home not ours. The end product is a reflection of the owner not the designer.  We encourage clients to come with as many strong opinions and ideas as possible. The design process should be a fun endeavor and a team effort. 


9th Fairway

Wahl Rd

Admiralty Inlet